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The aim of this site is to collate all the information I have stumbled across over the past year in regard to COVID-19, vaccines, vaccine passports and anything associated with these, from lockdown to holidays.


One of the cornerstone of medical ethics (apart from Do No Harm) is Informed Consent. As Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon have been somewhat overreaching in their control of what information gets accessed and with GPs unable or unwilling to pass on their concerns - even though many don't wish to take the vaccines themselves - this is an attempt to balance the books so to speak by bringing information together in one place.

As a mathematician, I first got interested in the numbers last year and have been checking in on them ever since. While I don't hide my views - which are crystal clear on the blog pages - the data and numbers you will see are from official sites such as the ONS, CDC, WHO,  MHRA and Yellow Card etc. It's not so much that I believe the numbers from these sites, but these are the numbers policies such as lockdowns, vaccine rollouts and vaccine passports have been decided upon, so I use the same numbers the government uses and hopefully show how these numbers can be interpreted in a completely different way. i.e. correctly. The problem with slavishly following a mathematical model is that very few in the government know how to interpret figures - there are only 3 out of 651 MPs with pure mathematics degrees. However, when you scrutinize the numbers more closely - you will find them to be quite comforting. Contrary to the government's narrative, this is not the great plague or Spanish Flu - and even the ONS's most recent report states 'There was a total of 9,400 deaths in 2020 that were due to COVID-19 and were recorded without any pre-existing conditions. In other words, most healthy people will be fine. 

The existence of such data (whether accurate or not) is indisputable insomuch as it is available on government websites for anyone to view.  You of course can (and should) make your own minds up. For those who may not like figures - I've added explanations.

My overriding view is that everybody has the right to make an informed decision - especially if it is something which could effect them for the rest of their lives. If the information here seems skewed away from taking vaccines, this is because the Government has already presented their argument (such as it is) for accepting a COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore I am presenting the other side of the argument - not so people won't take the vaccine - but so the choice can be balanced enough that people can at least weigh up both sides.




In the US Income Tax isn't a legal entity and paying it is illegal and un-American.


But because nobody bothers to check this fact, everybody pays tax. For the yet-to-be-convinced, try watching Aaron Russo's America: From Freedom to Fascism - it's a fascinating historical look at how the US Government tried to bury an additional tax - Income Tax and how the introduction of any new tax goes against the constitution.

In the UK, while Council Tax is optional, Income Tax can be refused if the Government seeks to use the money for illegal or unlawful activities. In such circumstances, it is your duty not to pay tax.

While I'm happy to pay towards those services I use such as bin collection and road tax and even towards things I don't use such as adult social care and libraries, the lion's share of Council Tax is spent on wages for the Council Tax collectors and their pensions.

When you don't pay Council Tax (you can always negotiate to reduce it, to which they usually agree as the main aim is to keep you hooked up to the system - the Council Will send you a summons. This is when you have them. The summons is sent out by the council and not the court which is unlawful. They then hire a court for the day and a lawyer to act as a magistrate (also illegal) so they can threaten people with jail. Stand up for your rights. You don't owe somebody money simply because they say you do. They need a contract.

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