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Tax: Where does it go and is it legal?

UK GDP is around £2.5 billion which, at the current time of writing, is also the value of our debt. Courtesy of the private Bank of England printing over £850 billion to cover the multiple financial opportunities associated with Covid Inc., each registered voter in the country has been saddled with an additional debt of £57,000. Personally, I know I didn't spend £57,000. And had I been lucky enough to have an additional £57,000 at my fingertips, I wouldn't have given it to companies supplying needless PCR tests, friends of ministers to manufacture facemasks incapable of stopping a breath droplet or to the MOD to purchase replacements for the depleted uranium shells sent to Ukraine - munitions which, judging by the 70% of western weapons that fail to make it to the Donbas front lines - could end up anywhere.

Worldwide, the majority of people do not choose to steal, maim, rape or murder. Some do. But when those in high office wish to involve our country in illegal wars, they are doing just that. And we - the great unwashed - are not only consenting, we are willfully financing their actions via our taxes which have paid for genocides in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen - countries which have never attacked the United Kingdom - to further 'our interests'. Whose interests? Do such actions make the UK richer or more stable? Of course they don't. They line the pockets of the men whose money has financed wars for centuries. That is their business model.

In the US, there is no constitutional basis for a tax on the wages of Americans living and working in any of the states of the union. Aaron Russo's America: From Freedom to Fascism ( challenges the IRS claims that the 1913 16th amendment to The Constitution allows for the collection of the newly introduced Income Tax. In fact the US Supreme Court found otherwise. Firstly in 1894 and again in 2013. Multiple court cases from Doyle vs. Mitchell to Stanton vs. Baltic Mining (1916) confirmed that 'The provisions of the 16th amendment conferred no new powers of taxation'. It is actually illegal to pay income tax in America.

In the UK it is also illegal to pay Income Tax if you believe the money will be used to finance terrorism or criminal activity. [See The Terrorism Act 2000 (section 15:].


Terrorist activity includes (but is not limited to) illicit arms trafficking, drug dealing and racketeering and any 'act' which causes 'death or serious bodily injury to a civilian, or to any other person not taking an active part in the hostilities in a situation of armed conflict, when the purpose of such act, by its nature or context, is to intimidate a population,or to compel a government or an international organization to do or to abstain from doing any act.'

The UK and US have carried out multiple illegal invasions (50+) and regime changes (75+) since WWII and are continually engaged in terrorist activities worldwide. The Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism ( makes clear that such people need to be held to account.


Article 4:

Each State Party shall adopt such measures as may be necessary:
(a) To establish as criminal offences under its domestic law the offences set forth in
article 2;
(b) To make those offences punishable by appropriate penalties which take into account the grave nature of the offences.

As, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, George Bush Snr & Junior have yet to be tried in spite of the fact that head of the DPP at the time (Keir Starmer) admitted the war in Iraq was illegal..


Worth a watch:




The past three years have provided even more reasons to not pay tax. Council Tax was still charged even though many of the services were unavailable and Income Tax was charged even though those who were unvaccinated were threatened with no access to a state pension, a passport, welfare, social care, the NHS, education, a mortgage or rental property.

There should be no taxation without representation. Those who consider themselves 'in power' rather than 'in office' are our public servants. We are the public. They are our servants. We get to make the rules because we are their employers. Even though there is no opposition in the country, we have a partial democracy insomuch as we can make our feelings and intentions known - occasionally through voting (the recent ant-ULEZ bi-election rebellion being an example and also Brexit if only as a finger up to the establishment) but more immediately through the removal of funds from governments unwilling to spend the funding as we choose.

Movements such as the Yellow Vests in France, have helped show those who have abused their positions of responsibility in representing the people, that there is only so far you can push an electorate. Rebellious individuals can be picked off easily, but as a united collective we are unstoppable. 'Populism' which has been maligned as some kind of conspiracy by those who fear the loss of power and status, is the volonté générale, the 'general will' of the people. Those who can't appreciate, that the will of the people - whether by voting or in the case of a jury - trumps all else, should not be in office. It's up to us, to get rid of them.


A Letter to the Taxman (UK Income Tax)


Dear Officer of Revenue and Customs

Thank you for your letter of September 15 2021 informing me of Income Tax payments due. However, I won’t be paying any income tax for the most recent tax year for the reasons stated below: 

1. As you know, Income Tax covers education, health, law and order, culture, media & sport, trade & industry and transport – services which for much of 2020 were either no longer available to the public or severely reduced. Primary and secondary schools in England and Wales were open only for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers; culture media & sport including cinema, live theatre, opera and football stadiums were closed to all; trade & industry for many SMEs has come to a halt, in some cases permanently; planes were grounded (even though some of our taxes will no doubt go towards propping up the ailing airline operators and airports whether or not the unvaccinated are permitted to board a plane) and public transport has been significantly reduced following government guidelines to stop all but essential travel. only law and order has continued to function, with police given new powers to fine any itinerant with the temerity to drink coffee in public, attend a peaceful protest, sit on a park bench or – God forbid – throw a snowball between the hours of 11 and 11.30pm. 

2. It is becoming increasingly clear that in the near future there will be no guarantees for the unvaccinated. No guarantee there will be (pre-paid) access to the NHS, social welfare, a pension, freedom to travel, to buy food, to earn, to attend college/school, to hold a passport or driver’s licence, to attend public events, to leave the house, to get a mortgage, to rent or even to vote. What would I be paying for exactly? You wouldn’t walk into a car showroom, pay £25,000 for a car and then head off shouting over your shoulder, ‘You know what, keep the car and the money, I’ll walk home.’

3. Finally, I refuse to recognise the lawful or moral legitimacy of this government. Not only has it presided over the mandatory vaccination of care home workers and the statistically insane policy of vaccinating healthy children, it has also wasted taxpayer money on PR companies instructed to terrify us into believing we were facing the bubonic plague and driving us towards ‘vaccines’ which turned out to be neither safe nor efficacious. This government forcibly relieved us of our liberty, financial security and reduced our levels of natural immunity both by imposing lockdowns and doling out vaccines which, aside from the multiple deaths and serious adverse events, can lead to autoimmune nerve damage. The government continues to lie daily to the electorate (emergency use authorisation of the ‘vaccines’ should never have been passed while alternative, safe treatments were readily available) while strangling century-old laws with a plethora of constitutionally questionable statutory instruments. 

There are ten million or so self-assessment taxpayers who collectively contribute more than £50billion towards the Treasury’s annual income tax haul of £200billion. While I appreciate the government have experienced a considerable shortfall in their annual forecast of £665billion in taxes paid through VAT, National Insurance Contributions, Corporation Tax, Council Tax, Business rates, Excise Duties and other taxes, and that the only increase has been 9 per cent on alcohol duty, this mess was and continues to be entirely of the government’s own making.

Had it not been for the sponsored fearmongering, media collaboration, AWOL GPs, absent places of worship, statutory instruments and the notorious Test & Trace fiasco, schools, businesses, travel, entertainment and leisure could have remained largely unaffected by the man-made Covid virus considering that for the whole of 2020 only 1,549 healthy under-65s died with/from/of Covid – aka The Workforce. 

As I understand it, the government is planning to bring in a new regime of centralised crypto ‘Britcoin’ wherein they/you will enjoy even more powers over the public’s finances. Judging by the government’s performance over the past eighteen months, which has led to the biggest annual contraction of the economy in more than 300 years since the Great Frost of 1709 and which leaves a £400billion coronavirus deficit, may I suggest that this is a very bad idea. The government should leave public finances in the hands of those who earn the money as they are the ones most likely to be cautious and selective about how it is spent.

Until there are no threats against the unvaccinated and until there are lawfully binding guarantees (which cannot be trumped by a statutory instrument) that the unvaccinated will continue to have access to a state pension, a passport, welfare, social care, the NHS, education, a mortgage or rental property, a driver’s licence, pubs, travel, churches, large social events, basic freedoms and the ability to vote etc, I will not be paying any further Income tax. Ditto if there is another lockdown. I will however continue to pay Council Tax as this covers local amenities. 

Please don’t bother sending any more correspondence or I’ll take a leaf out of Dudley Moore’s playbook. When presented with a particularly aggressive letter from one provider, Moore outlined his financial strategy: That every month he puts all his bills into a hat, pulls one out and pays it. ‘And if you continue to send any more snotty letters,’ warned Moore, ‘you won’t even make it into the hat.’ 

A Letter to the Taxman (Council Tax)

THANK you for your court summons alleging non-payment of council tax received 4 Oct 2021 with the added £60 and threat of being proceeded against and additional costs of an order of non-payment of £40. 

If you check your records, you will see that in fact I have paid council tax since I bought the property in January 2020. However, as you opted for stick over carrot, I decided to see what council tax covered and how many of the council tax services were available during lockdown. Turns out, not many. Which means you owe me money. 

From the list below: 

Police and fire services 

I’m not sure fining people for throwing snowballs, travelling further than seven miles, meeting more than five people outdoors (or two indoors) or checking car registration plates at outdoor food markets would qualify as a ‘service’. 

Leisure and recreation projects such as parks and sports centre upkeep 

Same thing. Parks may well have been open, but only for one person-hour per day and there are – as I’m sure you are aware – 24 hours in each day, which means this fee needs to be reduced. Considerably. Sports centres were closed. 

Libraries and education services 

Closed (no payment) or online (reduced payment). 

Rubbish and waste collection and disposal 

I’ll pay for this one, though as I understand it, the recycling company makes money from my waste, so maybe they should pay me.

Transport and highway services, including street lighting and cleaning, and road maintenance 

A discount will need to be factored in here, as taxpayers were instructed to stay at home. Therefore, roads were closed to the majority and limits on driving further than seven miles were imposed. As the roads were used less, road maintenance and cleaning services would have been reduced. More fool you if you left the lights on. 

Environmental health and trading standards 

The Government stopped most trading, which can clearly be seen from the plethora of collapsed businesses, empty shops and dilapidated pubs. As for the environment: No cars, no planes and a reduction in outdoor activities. Is that the ‘environmental’ service I’m paying for? And, just for the record, a) 250 years ago, the Earth was hotter than it is now and b) chemical trails are not helping, neither are spike proteins, man-made viruses or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). 

Administration and record-keeping, like marriages, deaths and birth, and local elections 

I would like a breakdown as to how much this costs per capita for the county. According to Citizens Advice, I would not be liable for council tax if the property was unoccupied because the person who lived there had gone to care for someone else.  

The total number of days during which services were reduced (including the tier system and a break for Christmas) amounts to 407. Falling within the period March 23, 2020 to July 19, 2021, this equates to 84 per cent of days when full services were not available. This means that my council tax bill should in fact be £216.85 and not £1,355.33. According to ‘My Account’ on your website, I have in fact paid a total of £1,713 which means you owe me £1,496.15 or – if taken as an advance payment – I am not in arrears.  

But let’s be generous. As I understand it, since 2020 councils in England have lost 75p in every £1 of the Revenue Support Grant they started receiving in 2015. Therefore, as approximately 50 per cent of council tax now goes towards adult and child care, the amount outstanding which you owe me would come down to £639.65.  

However, I am only prepared to pay towards adult care if you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that none of the funding will go towards the purchase of Midazolam. I don’t want to be dragged into court on some murder charge – especially as you’d probably add it to my bill – in advance. 

I note the threat of punishment for non-payment of council tax (even though I have paid) can be any or all of the following: 

a) Directing your employer to make a deduction from your wages. Being self-employed, I did put it to myself that I might have an amount deducted from my wages, but I also had to point out to myself that there were no wages, courtesy of a needless lockdown and collapsing of the economy (aka a further funnelling of money from the poor to the rich). On that last point, we both agree. 

b) Removing goods to the value of the debt for sale at public auction. As shown above, you owe me money, so please bring a chequebook if you wish to visit, as I don’t fancy coming to your office to remove goods that are probably all flat-pack. 

c) Commencing insolvency proceedings against you. I’m not insolvent, I just don’t owe you any money. 

d) Ninety days jail time (as listed online, though not in your letter thankfully). The annual cost of housing a female (local) prisoner is £35,465 – which equates to £8,866.25 for a three-month stay. Do you seriously think this is sensible use of taxpayer monies? Don’t forget to factor in that when in jail, I won’t be paying council tax. 

You need to get it together and send me an accurate bill, one that reflects the three months I looked after my mother during the first lockdown (Mar 23/2020 – June 15/2020) and the reduction in services. Nobody pays for petrol they can’t get, so why pay for roads, libraries and sports centres you can’t use? 


1. Summonses must be authorised by a Justice of the Peace or Clerk to the Justices, whose signature should appear on the summons. This person must have personally considered the complaint. However, there is no name or signature. 

2. You can take off the £60 cost of summons. The council provided the summons, not the court (which BTW could be considered as fraud and perjury under the 1911 Perjury Act and a crime under the Administration of Justice Act) and it can’t possibly cost £60 to send a summons. Even taking off the cost of a first-class stamp, that would be the equivalent of £5.94/mile – which is what I’ll charge you if I have to come over and pick up the flat-pack stuff. 

3. How can I be ‘proceeded against as if you have attended’ if I haven’t attended? That would be like saying I’m married to Ryan Gosling even though neither of us attended the wedding. 

Please recalculate and resend (not forgetting to remove the £60) and I will be happy to pay – if I haven’t already. But bear in mind, I can write these letters all day long, so if it’s easier for you to consider me mentally incapacitated, fine. I won’t have to pay any council tax at all.  

In defiance of The System, 

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